Supporting Your Mission

Do you feel supported? As moms, we take care of everyone. We’re grateful for family, friends, and loved ones who help with the kids and the chores. But, who supports you with your business, you financial needs, your blog, your ideas, your passion? Perhaps people don’t know you need support or how to help you. … Continue reading

Is it *BAD* to want to make money?

Is it *BAD* to want to make money?

Does it mean you are a bad mom if you want your business to be successful?  Does it make you a {witch} to desire success?  I work with two groups of moms – mom bloggers and mom inventor/entrepreneurs.  Both groups – IN GENERAL – struggle to bring income in that matches the effort they put … Continue reading

Are Corporations Killing Mom Bloggers?

Ok, strong words.  But, seriously, let’s take an honest look at what has happened to the “Mom Blogger” industry over the past couple of years.  First, let’s clarify who a “mom blogger” is.  The categories and assumptions are complex.  If you look at Babble’s list of the Top 100 mom bloggers, you actually see the … Continue reading

Do *MEN* Use Pinterest?

Just wondering…so had to ask after seeing a sea of wedding dresses, cupcakes, cats, and quotes. I hope you are all discovering great ways to share your brilliant ideas, products and businesses with Pinterest.  Move quickly before the marketers figure it out!

How to Market with (Mom) Bloggers

Word of mouth (WOM) marketing is a powerful tool for small businesses.  It’s not new; when someone casually mentions the great service and food they had at a restaurant last night, that’s WOM marketing.  People are more likely to remember that recommendation than an ad in a newspaper or magazine.  Marketers are now realizing they … Continue reading

7 Steps to FAST Website Traffic from Twitter

Although the number of Followers you have on Twitter can be completely insignificant, how you use Twitter can really impact your marketing efforts.  As someone who doesn’t use my smart phone for texting and tweeting, Twitter wasn’t my first pick for a marketing tool.  But, when I looked at how people use it (especially consumers), … Continue reading

Are Moms Happier at Home or at Work?

We surveyed 300 moms to discover their thoughts on working moms. Here are the answers to some of the questions. More to come later – including answers to open-ended questions and answers by demographics. Motherhood_300_GraphsOnly Any surprises?  Would love to hear your comments!