8 traits of a great product ambassador

Brand LoveWith so many companies reaching out to their consumers to help spread the word about their products, it’s the perfect time to partner up with your favorite companies. Whether you call the role an ambassador, advocate or evangelist, the key is to share your love of the brand or product. Over the next year, we expect a dramatic rise in the number of organized ambassador programs. In some cases, the rewards are coupons or samples, but other times the companies reward their most influential customers with product and cash incentives.

So, how do you get selected for the best programs? Start with these 8 traits:

1. Authentic
Genuinely love the product or company. Don’t do it for the freebies or rewards.

2. Enthusiastic
When sharing, make sure your belief in this product stands out from others you discuss.

3. Reliable
If you accept a task for a brand or commit to responding to a survey, do it.

4. Transparent
Disclose any perks as regulated by law in blog posts.

5. Strategic
Think of ways to share about the brand to help them reach new customers.

6. Creative
Have fun with it!  Don’t be an advertiser, be an advocate.

7. Attentive
Pay attention to details provided to you from  the company.  They may require certain language, key words, or links to be shared.

8. Savvy
Learn about marketing and media so you can be a great resource.

Remember, it’s win-win.  Don’t allow companies to “use” you, but remember that there are benefits for both sides in the relationship.


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