What’s All the Tweetin’ About? Twitter Newbies and Pros Needed!

If Twitter scares or bores you, please don’t stop reading! Yes, we’re having a Twitter party and we’d love to involve as many moms as we can – moms in business, moms seeking solutions, mom bloggers and moms seeking new friends and support.

Let me start by admitting, I’m not a big Twitter person myself. I get how it works and howMompact Twitter Party it can be used, but my total number of tweets over the past couple of years is less than 2000. That said, I know Twitter is an incredible way to connect people. Maybe you are already using it personally or to promote your business or blog. If you are not, come experience it with a bunch of other moms – some who’ve never used Twitter before and some who know all the ins and outs of this communication platform.

What: Mompact Twitter Party
When: Thursday, June 14 at 9pm ET (6pm Pacific)
Where: Twitter #mompact
Who: Moms
Why: To explore Twitter, to share solutions to parenting challenges, and to connect mom bloggers and mom businesses

If you’ve never participated or even used Twitter before, this is a great opportunity to learn and connect with other moms on Twitter. Set up an account, and then be sure to log in on Thursday. You can follow the conversation in a few different ways:
– Follow the list of moms below who are participating
– Search for tweets using the “hashtag” #mompact (type #mompact in the Twitter search bar)
– Use a Twitter management tool like TweetDeck, Hootsuite, etc.

Our moderators will be @TheIQMom, @SunandSipCups and @CoastieWife321. (Be sure to follow them!)

Other Twitter tips:
– Following: Personally, I follow back anyone that follows me and follow anyone who grabs my attention. It’s not necessary, but certainly nice to do.
– Lists: Lists make it easy to see just groups of people. You can make your own lists or follow ones created by others.
– Use the hashtag (#) in your post if you are communicating with multiple people about a topic – ours is #mompact.

We’ll have some prizes of course! (What’s a party without party favors?) More details to come!

Below is a list of mom bloggers and mom businesses that have already RSVP’d. If you know you’ll be participating, please leave your Twitter ID in the comments so everyone can follow you too!

@theIQmom {Mompact}



Click here for a pre-set Tweetgrid for the event.



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