Supporting Your Mission

Do you feel supported? As moms, we take care of everyone. We’re grateful for family, friends, and loved ones who help with the kids and the chores. But, who supports you with your business, you financial needs, your blog, your ideas, your passion? Perhaps people don’t know you need support or how to help you.

I came across an article lately called “Mommy is a person”. I couldn’t agree more. I never felt less like a ‘person’ than I did when I first became a mom. Not only was it an exhausting time, I had given up my identity as a business woman, a marketing executive, and all that came with that identity. I longed for my creative outlet and for the support of the people I used to work with, my team. I needed the support of friends to tell me my mind hadn’t completely turned to mush, to assure me it would get easier, and to help me adjust.

Mission Quote

Most women who leave full-time jobs to become moms struggle with the adjustment. Prior to motherhood, work was our identity. That’s why people ask, “What do you do?” when you first meet. Whether you have a full-time job outside the home, have your own business, do a little part time work, or supplement

your income as a blogger, mystery shopper or survey taker, you have an identity outside of being “Mom”.

You are entitled to that identity. You are a person and you have every right to define what that means. Your personal identity doesn’t replace being “Mom”; it helps define you. It helps you connect with other people and find support.

With the help of Meagan from Sunshine and Sippy Cups, a group of bloggers have been working on personal branding statements. Watching the conversations, I realize how important it is for all of us to to write or rewrite our personal statements from time to time. For some, it is a personal mission statement, for others it may be a business mission. In Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, personal mission statements assist in the second habit of “beginning with an end in mind.” Knowing who we are, what are purpose is, and what we are going to do are all parts of crafting a personal branding or mission statement.

Oriah QuoteWhen others know your values, your mission and who you are, they are more likely to support you. We all need support, right? If you prefer a spiritual approach, I recommend the “16 Quotes to Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose” slides on  Discover your purpose then definite your mission.

I challenge you to write your statement. For inspiration, you can read these statements by others. Once you have yours, share it on our Mompact Facebook page along with a link to your business or other site where you’d like us to support you.

Giveaways, Promotions and Opportunities

Mompact helps moms support other moms in business in a variety of ways. We provide feedback on, share and promote products invented by moms, offer free business listings, and connect bloggers and businesses for mutual benefit. Below are links to great promotions going on now:

Meet the Moms Giveaway
Every two weeks we promote products invented by moms through mom bloggers. By following the businesses and bloggers, you can enter to win a prize bundle. This week’s promotion bundle includes four products that provide fashion and function: Accessory Connectz, Body Bark, Strap Tamers and On the Cuff.

Mompact Pinterest BIG Giveaway!
Win 15 products!
Create a board with your favorite products by moms, for moms and win them all.  Choose fromover 60 different products.  Hurry, ends soon!  See details at

Perfectly Posh Mother’s Day Giveaway
Led by Mom Ann Dalton, Perfectly Posh is a new direct sales company that sells pampering products. A team of our bloggers through Mompact and Questionmoms had the opportunity to try several products and wrote reviews. Now you have an opportunity to read what they had to say and enter to win some Perfectly Posh of your own. Be sure to visit their Facebook page, tell them Mompact sent you and learn more about the business opportunity.  Click any or the reviews below to enter the Giveaway.

Insights by April
Wyoming Girl Turned Coastie Wife
Ecobaby Mama Drama
Have Kids Will Coupon

Products in Need of Reviewers

To simplify our blog connection process, we’re starting to post review opportunities on QuestionMoms. These include products invented by Moms and products from other businesses that are interested in reaching moms like you. To participate, login to QuestionMoms and “opt-in” on the promotions you are interested in. Please be sure to read the qualifications before opting in. Most of our businesses are looking for content bloggers with concentrations on specific topics. We rarely have opportunities for frugal/coupon/saving blogs.

More connections
If you are a mom with a retail-ready product and would like to participate in our private Facebook group, please contact


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