Mompact is here! Moms supporting moms in business!

Like most of you reading this, I’m a mom and a businesswoman. I built after meeting hundreds of moms online looking for help in business. Some are inventors, some are service providers and some are bloggers. I met them through business networks and through my market feedback site,

With a background in corporate marketing, and relationships with other moms in business, I had the answers other moms were often seeking. When I didn’t have the answers, I knew fabulous women who did. I discovered that moms approach business differently than most of the male executives I’ve worked with in the past. Moms are more likely to discuss their ideas, grow their businesses organically and use social media to market.

I also discovered moms in business love to help other moms in business. There’s a bond there, much like we share as mothers. If you’ve ever been in public when a toddler is having a meltdown and a mom is looking worn out, you’ve likely given her that smile or pat on the back to let her know you relate and that it is going to be okay. As moms in business, we have those moments too. Sometimes we are the ones with the meltdown, and other times we are that look of encouragement to another mom.

My hope is that this Mompact will provide connections for moms in all aspects of business. Please email me with any suggests you have. Thanks!


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