7 Steps to FAST Website Traffic from Twitter

Although the number of Followers you have on Twitter can be completely insignificant, how you use Twitter can really impact your marketing efforts.  As someone who doesn’t use my smart phone for texting and tweeting, Twitter wasn’t my first pick for a marketing tool.  But, when I looked at how people use it (especially consumers), I found a way to make it work for me.

I explained in my previous post that Twitter is like millions of little radio stations that you can tune into or not.  I rarely have the radio on.  Do consumers in your target market tune in to you or any stations? Whether they do or not doesn’t matter much for my strategy.  The key to my strategy is in Twitter email notifications.

Most people leave the Twitter default settings to notify them of a new Follower and/or of a Direct Message (DM).  If a consumer has these settings, you can directly email them using Twitter, but you only get one shot and 140 characters to do it.  When people you follow decide to follow you back, you send a direct message as a thank you.  That direct message is your marketing opportunity to get them to your site.  Sophisticated Twitter users tend to know this strategy and may ignore you or consider it spamming. Because of that, I use a secondary account that is not my personal/business account.  Here’s how it works:

1. Set up a Twitter account for this purpose.  I recommend making it a person, not a business.  The website on the profile should be your company website.  The profile content should be interesting and thoughtful.  You will also need a separate email account for it in order to create it.

2. Send out a few tweets, follow a few people, make it real.

3. Download an auto tweet program (like I mentioned in my previous post) and add the account.

4. Set the account to follow your target market (based on keywords in their profiles or who they follow).  Use maximum daily settings.

5. Create an intriguing, fun or useful message to send as a “Thank You” DM.  Don’t sell, entice.  Include a link (shortened) to your site in case they want to click it from their email and not go to Twitter first.  For some things, coupon codes work well.  Try something like “Sssshhhhhh, here’s a coupon code only for my Twitter Followers -link-“.  Be as creative as you can.

6. Set the software to automatically send the thank you DM when someone follows.

7. Change your DM every week or so and watch your traffic analytics to see what messages resonate with your target market.

I started experimenting with this about 6 months ago.  I recruited moms and bloggers to fill my research and marketing panel using this method.  Once I had a panel, I used it to recruit clients.  I generated web traffic (with a low bounce rate) and picked up leads that turned to clients.  For clients, I used the DM, “Do you want to know what 100 moms think of your idea or product? -link-”

It’s not a “one size fits all” solution, but it’s cheap and doesn’t take much time.  Let me know how it works for you.


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