Are Moms Happier at Home or at Work?

We surveyed 300 moms to discover their thoughts on working moms. Here are the answers to some of the questions. More to come later – including answers to open-ended questions and answers by demographics.


Any surprises?  Would love to hear your comments!


3 thoughts on “Are Moms Happier at Home or at Work?

  1. Regarding question 8 – kind of suggests that some of the “mommy wars” we read about online or see in the news are fueled more by the media’s need to create news than our actual dislike for one another!

  2. I opened the results trying not to have any expectations.

    I thought there might be more “be grudging” the role. Pleasantly Pleased.

    I have enjoyed being a SAHM. I had not planned a lit of things that happened. Only meaning, I did not get the encouragement and understanding I thought I would have. I don’t regret one minute of being a SAHM.

  3. I think moms are happiest when they feel they have a choice in the matter. If they feel they have to stay at home or have to work, there’s a recipe for depression. I’m interviewing for a part-time job, stepping down from my 40+ hour a week job and I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am, because I feel like I have a choice finally and am not chained to my desk.

    I tend to agree with Jen S., sometimes mom wars get turned into mountains out of molehills. In general moms are just people, and people generally try to be nice and get along well. However, it’s the few discordant, angry folks that tend to be really, really loud and because they are loud they get more attention.

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