50 plus Top Mom Entrepreneur Coaches and Mentors – Who REALLY Helps???

I read today that there are 400 new business started by women in the US each day.  Coaches are popping up almost as fast.  Some have had successful businesses and now share their insights, others have found a niche market, but have very little true experience.  Both may offer coaching sessions for a fee, webinars, tapes, books, guides, etc.  But, some are just genuinely helpful and enjoy mentoring other women.

Who are the good ones?  The ones who provide you “aha” moments?  Who answers quick email questions, always has a reference or resource handy?

Please vote for your favorites and comment on any that you have dealt with personally.  A full version of the list with links will be available soon at http://www.questionmoms.com.

Vote for as many as you’d like, but you can only submit once.  If you have other names, please email me or add them to the comments.

Poll is closed.  Visit http://www.questionmoms.com/links to connect with these great coaches and mentors!


27 thoughts on “50 plus Top Mom Entrepreneur Coaches and Mentors – Who REALLY Helps???

  1. Help a mother out…where do we vote?

    Heather Allard, The Mogul Mom, has been beyond instrumental in helping me (finally) launch my business. Working with Heather was my pivotal moment in actually going forward and doing it! Thanks Heather!

    • You should be able to click on as many as you’d like then click Vote at the bottom. Thanks for the feedback on Heather. I’ll be compiling all feedback (public and private) and publishing a master list with links to all the websites, fan pages, etc. Thanks for participating!

    • I totally agree! It’s not a popularity contest. We need to work together. However, I’d love feedback on who are the most helpful and responsive. They deserve some extra credit!

      • Jill & Shelley,

        I think of this poll as a way of providing mom entrepreneurs with the best possible coaches/mentors, the ones who will really, really help them efficiently and effectively. 😀


  2. The incredibly smart and talented women behind womentorz.com, Melinda Knight really cares about her community of women entrepreneurs. Her individual guidence for each member is like no other. Would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Mel!

  3. Melinda Knight from Womentorz has been so great to work with. I felt important right from the beginning when she wanted to talk on the phone so she could get to know me on a more personal level. She has great ideas and great advice. And she is always doing things to help promote the Womentorz members!

    • I should not that Reese is not a Mom but would be an amazing one. She is so supportive of Mom’s who work from home and do their own businesses. I have my non profit and another home business that is in a “holding pattern” and she helps with both.

  4. Shelley,

    What a great idea! I’m lucky to know several of the women on this list, and even luckier to have the opportunity to collaborate with many of them in support of helping other WAHMs and mompreneurs. Hopefully I’ll get to know a few more of them, thanks to your thoughtful curating.

    Many thanks for including me!

    Lara Galloway
    The Mom Biz Coach

  5. Abbey (Living My Moment) posted that I was included in this list. Thanks so much! I just voted for numerous women that I know and have worked with, personally. I agree – it’s about working together and networking – sharing information and helping one another. Great work, ladies!

  6. Shara Lawrence Weiss – MommyPerks rocks! I’ve known her professionally and personally for over 2 years. She IS the MommyPerk extraordinaire, and I heartily endorse what she does for families around the world.

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  8. Truly honored to be listed amongst these extraordinary women (& men). Many of them have collaborated with me or I know them through my networks. I especially love my super mom entrepreneur partner Lucinda Cross. Abbey Fatica is amazing and a sweetheart. Traci Bisson’s support group is the only one I pay for right now. Holly, Toni, & Dawn have all been oustandingly supportive. Heather Allard’s site is filled with useful information. Lara Galloway is great! Christine Gallagher is a good social media person. Elena Verlee is awesome for pr. Margie Zable Fisher is an angel and can help you get your products in mags. Love Barb Wade, Mindee Doney, & Sarah Shaw. Fabienne Fredrickson is outstanding. Love Mike Michalolwicz. Thanks to what I have learned from these moms (& dads), I have only scratched the surface of where I am going to be able to go with what I do for other moms.

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